September 24 CX Update: Suggestions in New Languages, Fixes in Statistics and Link Adaptation, and More

We are getting to the end of the quarter and it comes with a big bunch of updates and bug fixes.

The translation suggestions feature was deployed to more language pairs:

A sea beach, with green hills in the back
Vatersay is an island in Scotland, and it’s the subject of the 3,000th published translation in the Catalan Wikipedia
  • English → French
  • English → Spanish
  • English → Russian
  • English → Chinese
  • English → Turkish
  • English → Japanese
  • English → Italian
  • Spanish → Catalan
  • Spanish → English
  • French → English

These pairs are based on the most popular pairs of languages for translation based on Content Translation statistics. There are still several issues with the translation suggestion feature, such as better selection of default languages, changing the selected languages, and others, which we plan to address very soon.

Two issues were addressed in the statistics page:

  1. If there were no translations to a language in the previous week, the statistics page would show a growth trend of “NaN%” (“NaN” means “not a number”). This was caused by a division-by-zero bug, and now it’s fixed and the number is shown correctly. (bug report)
  2. The titles and the labels of the charts on the Content Translation Statistics page, which was recently revamped, were updated to be more descriptive. Please update their translations to your language. (bug report)

Other notable updates:

  • Clicking a link in the source language for which there is no corresponding page in the target language was adding a useless link to the translation. This was fixed. (bug report)
  • When using Content Translation in Norwegian Bokmål, the “Find articles missing in your language” (“Finn sider som mangler på språket ditt”) tool was broken because it used a wrong language code. Now it works correctly. (bug report)
  • The issue of the server requests that Content Translation makes when loading an article for reading should be solved now (bug report), and it’s not causing irrelevant gray links.

Finally, we congratulate the Catalan Wikipedia upon publishing the 3,000th translated page: Vatersay, an island in Scotland.

3 thoughts on “September 24 CX Update: Suggestions in New Languages, Fixes in Statistics and Link Adaptation, and More

  1. Is there some specific reason to not enable suggestions for all language pairs, like problems about performance? Or it is to be enabled for all after testing on couple of wikis?


    1. Thanks for the question!

      Two reasons.

      One is that it’s a brand new feature, which involves a lot of new frontend and backend code, with some new kinds of complexity. It still has a few bugs (see in Phabricator). It makes sense to fix at least the most important breaking bugs before deploying more widely.

      The other is that suggestions work by language pairs at the moment, and not just languages, so a suggestion list must be prepared for each pair. It’s not very complicated and we are automating the process as much as possible, but for now it does require a bit of manual preparation.

      All that said, we intend to enable it in all languages as soon as possible, just not too soon. It took us six months to deploy the general ContentTranslation beta feature in all languages, and I hope that it will take us less time to deploy the suggestion feature too all of them.


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