September 17 CX Update: Translation Suggestions and Improved Statistics Page

Several major Content Translation software updates were deployed this week.

The first version of the new article suggestions feature is deployed on the Portuguese Wikipedia. It shows a “Suggestions” button in the translation dashboard, in addition to “In progress” and “Published”. In this first version, clicking the Suggestions button will show a list of featured articles in the English Wikipedia that don’t yet have a version in Portuguese. We plan to add more languages and more types of suggestions in the near future.

Several major updates were done to the Content Translation Statistics special page:

  • The number of pages that were published and later deleted is now shown. (task description)
  • The trend of translations per week is now shown in addition to the all-time tally. (task description)
  • The numbers of published translations and translations in progress were shown in separate charts. This was taking too much space, so now they are shown in one chart in different colors. (code change)
  • The numbers of translations to the current wiki’s language and to all languages were shown in the same chart, which made understanding the number for the current language hard, because by now it’s usually much smaller than the tally for all languages (you are translating a lot! It’s great!). Now these charts are separated, so you can clearly see the growth for your language separately. (code change)
  • Language names in the bar charts were sometimes overflowing on other chart elements. The display was adjusted so that now this shouldn’t happen. (bug report)

Another issue of note: Every time an article was loaded for reading, Content Translation was loading extra information from the server in order to display the gray interlanguage link that help you translate an article to your language. It is now possible to display this link without making this request, so we removed it and Content Translation will waste less time and bandwidth. Thanks to the tireless technical contributor Derk-Jan “TheDJ” Hartman for noticing this. This, however, introduced another problem: in some cases incorrect gray links with language codes such as “en-us” may appear in the list. We hope to fix this soon.


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