October 1 CX Update: Translating From Any Namespace, Suggestions, Links and RTL Fixes, and more

There are a lot of updates in ContentTranslation this week!

The Suggestions feature is now enabled in more language pairs: from English to Arabic, Esperanto, Hindi, Dutch and Vietnamese, and also from Swedish to Danish. More languages coming soon! (task description)

In the languages in which the Suggestions feature is enabled, the suggestion list now has “infinite scroll”: as you scroll to its end, more suggestions will be deployed. (bug report)

The scrolling of the dashboard is now smoother and less jumpy when it has many items. This was especially relevant for the Suggestions tab, which is usually long. (bug report)

Though Content Translation is supposed to be able to translate wiki pages from any namespace and not just articles, it was sometimes impossible to load a page if it was not in the main namespace. For example, if you would try translate a page in the User namespace in the English Wikipedia to Spanish, the source page wouldn’t be loaded. This is now fixed and you really can translate pages from any namespace. In particular, this should be useful for translating help pages and policy pages in Help and Wikipedia namespaces, and also to the Medical Translation Project, in which particular stable versions of pages that are recommended for translation are kept in the Wikipedia space. (bug report)

The Universal Language Selector is now used for selecting the language of the source and the target languages filter in the dashboard. Several issues with the suggestions feature were fixed as well, such as the “null” language that sometimes appeared in the language selector in the suggestions list. (bug report)

Translations in progress couldn’t be deleted in some cases, in particular if several people worked on the same title. This is now fixed. (bug report)

The graphs in the Content Translation statistics page are now grouped by topic, to make reading the page shorter and easier to read. The different data graphs are now accessible using tabs on the top of the charts. (bug report)

While translating, links in the source column pointed to incorrect target: a page with the same title in the target wiki. Now they point correctly to a page in the source wiki. (bug report)

Some paragraph alignment issues were fixed. (bug report)

In wikis in languages written from right to left the top personal menu was displaying in the reverse direction. This was fixed. (bug report)



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