September 11 CX Update: Fixes in Broken Publishing in Some Languages

A small update about ContentTranslation for the middle of September, as we prepare for big new features.

  • It could happen is some cases that the article selector would be displayed in the translation interface. This was fixed. (code change)
  • The domain of the Belarusian Taraškievica Wikipedia was renamed from to Because of this it wasn’t possible to publish articles to this Wikipedia (bug report). This was fixed, however there is still another bug with link adaptation, which we hope to fix soon.
  • Publishing to the recently created Wikipedias in Southern Azerbaijani (azb), Konkani (gom), and Northern Luri (lrc) didn’t work. This was fixed; thanks to Marko Obrovac and Alex Monk for the help with this. (bug report)

Soon to come:

  • A significant update to the statistics page.
  • The deployment of first version of the translation suggestion feature.

And since we mentioned statistics, we hope that you are expecting the 20,000th translated page to be published as eagerly as we are. Who will translate it, about which topic, and between which languages? We shall probably know next week.


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