Apertium Machine Translation for Seven New Language Pairs Enabled in Content Translation

We are happy to announce that Apertium-based machine translation is enabled in Wikipedia since September 7 for the following language pairs:

  • French to Catalan
  • Catalan to French
  • Italian to Catalan
  • Spanish to Esperanto
  • French to Esperanto
  • Catalan to Esperanto
  • Norwegian Nynorsk to Danish

As always, we’d like to remind our users that machine translation is only an assisting tool, and we strongly encourage all translators to check the machine-translated text carefully for mistakes and correct them before publishing.

The quality of the machine translation may vary between different language pairs and different topic areas. We welcome your feedback about this.

Apertium is free open-source software, so you can improve its support for your language or add a brand new language pair. You can contact Apertium developers easily on the #apertium IRC channel on the Freenode network.


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