June 9 CX Update: More comfortable namespace selection


There are rare CX updates in the last few months because most of the work at the moment is about converting Content Translation’s editing component to Visual editor.

This week, however, a significant user-visible update was deployed: It is now easier to select the namespace in which the translation will be published:


It was always possible to publish a page to any namespace by typing the namespace name in the target title field, but many people indicated in their feedback that it would be easier to make the selection easier for people who are not so familiar with namespaces.

This is now possible by clicking the new “gear” button near the “Publish translation” button at the top. The default is “New page”, which will publish the page to the same namespace in which the source page is found. “Personal draft” will publish the page to a sub-page in the translator’s user space. The “Community draft” option is available only in wikis that defined a draft namespace; in the English Wikipedia this is “Draft:”, so selecting this option will add “Draft:” before the current title.

There will be several more tweaks coming soon to this feature.


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