January 20 CX Update: More fixes for page loading and template editor

Hello, and welcome to another CX update post, in which I am happy to report about several significant bug fixes.

  • Pages that had full stops (⟨.⟩) in headings couldn’t be loaded after auto-saving and closing the browser tab. This is now fixed. It’s a follow-up to a similar bug a fix for which was reported last week. If you still have issues with loading saved pages, please report them. (bug report)
  • Adapted infoboxes would often say “Main Page” on the top, no matter what was the page being translated, or into what language. This could also happen with other kinds of templates. This affected pages with templates that used that {{PAGENAME}} magic word. This is now fixed, and the auto-adapted template now shows the relevant page name. (bug report)
  • An unnecessary horizontal scrollbar was shown on some pages that had wide tables. It was removed. (code change)



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