January 6 CX Update: Fixes for page loading and template editor

Hello, and welcome to the first CX Update post of 2017!

We just deployed two significant fixes:

  • Many users complained recently that they cannot load a translation in progress that was auto-saved. This was happening when translating from languages that aren’t written in the Latin alphabet, such as Russian or Chinese. The data was not lost—it was correctly saved internally, but a software error prevented its proper loading. This is now supposed to be fixed, although some more work may be needed to make it more stable. If you experienced this issue, please try loading your article now. If it still doesn’t work, please report it. We apologize about this inconvenience. (bug report)
  • The template editor was remaining open when moving to the next section. This was confusing because some people didn’t realize that it’s supposed to be closed to actually save the data entered in the fields. It will now automatically close when moving to edit the next section. (bug report)

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