December 8 CX Update: Publishing and template editor fixes

Last week we reported here about the deployment of the new Content Translation template editor. Yesterday we also published an expanded post about the new template editor it in the official Wikimedia blog.

This week brings a couple of bug fixes in the template editor and other issues:

  • The template editor for inline templates, such as IPA or unit conversion, was expanding to fill the whole screen. It now has a reasonable size that doesn’t cover the whole page. (bug report)
  • Some pages couldn’t be published and showed a “docserver-http” error. This is now fixed. If your article was stuck and you couldn’t publish it, refresh the translation interface and publish it again, and it should work. If you still have issues with publishing, please report them to the CX feedback page. (bug report)

This is an opportunity to remind you that the user interface of Content Translation itself needs to be translated, especially now that the new template editor has several new important messages. Please check the statistics for your language at, and bring it to 100%. Thanks!


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