June 24 CX Update: Cleaner wiki syntax, better AbuseFilter support, and more improvements

Welcome back to CX updates!

For some time the development team took a break from developing Content Translation frontend features to focus on some background fixes and on other projects that were on the back-burner. Now we are back to making major updates to our article translation platform.

The areas on which we focus at the moment and for the next couple of months are making the wiki syntax of the published pages cleaner and easier to maintain after the first version of the translated article is created, and making template and reference adaptation more stable. There is much to do there, but here are some changes were already deployed:

If there was no corresponding template in the target language, but there was a template with the same name, it was used for adapting the template to the translation. This was wrong and sometimes completely unrelated templates were adapted, creating confusing content. This will not happen any longer, and only templates that are directly linked using an interlanguage link in Wikidata will be used for adaptation. (bug report)

Some pages were published with HTML tags with ContentTranslation-specific attributes such as “data-cx-draft”, “cx-segment”, “cx-link” and others. They are unnecessary in articles, and had to be removed manually by editors. This was fixed and is not supposed to happen any longer. (bug report)

Adapting references of some kinds was generating errors, and it made it impossible to publish a translation. This was fixed. (code change)

Some other things we worked on recently:

  • All messages generated by AbuseFilter were shown while writing a translation. This included some messages that don’t affect translation publishing, and this was very confusing. Now only warnings that affect page publishing are shown. (bug report)
  • Some users were seeing too many gray interlanguage links that was too long to be useful. Its length is now limited to three items. (bug report)
  • When support for a new machine translation engine is added to a language pair, it will be shown as a tip in the Automatic translation card in the sidebar. (task description)
  • Translation from namespaces other than the article namespace was sometimes failing when the namespace name was translated in the other wiki. In particular, this affected the Medical Translations Projects. This is now fixed. (bug report)
  • A pop-up window that invites users to create an article in Content Translation was shown when creating user pages using the Visual Editor. Content Translation is not intended for user pages, so we no longer show this pop-up on user pages. (bug report)
  • Some language codes, most notably Norwegian, were handled incorrectly because of inconsistencies in the actual language codes and which domain code the Wikipedia uses. We now normalize language codes. (bug report)
  • Using the “Clear paragraph” button could generate errors that prevent publishing. This was fixed. (bug report)
  • Paragraph-level parallel corpora are now fully accessible through an API. We are also preparing to make dumps of parallel corpora available for download. This should be useful to all machine translation developers and researchers.
  • The gray interlanguage links that suggest translation to a different language were not shown in Internet Explorer. This was fixed. (bug report)

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