March 3 CX Update: Personal Statistics, AbuseFilter Handling, Less Unnecessary HTML, and More

A bunch of new features and many bug fixes in ContentTranslation were deployed today!

  • We noticed that AbuseFilter was preventing the publishing of dozens of translations every day. This very often happened in translations that were made in good faith: for example, community-defined filters in Wikipedias in some languages disallow linking to certain websites, which are allowed in the Wikipedia from the article is being translated, and when a user would copy this link to the translation, the publishing of the whole article was blocked. From now, the Content Translation interface shows a warning that such a thing may happen and emphasizes the paragraphs that includes the problem that the AbuseFilter is complaining about. (bug report)
  • Simple personal statistics about translations made by the user are shown on the dashboard. (bug report)
  • Pressing Enter in a translation section was inserting unnecessary HTML tags (like <div>) in some browsers. This was fixed. (bug report)
  • The links tool is not shown any longer in headings. It’s technically possible to put links in wiki page headings, but it’s rare and it was creating issues, so now it’s prevented. (bug report)
  • Links are now correctly adapted to the Belarusian Taraškievica Wikipedia. This was failing because of the migration from the be-x-old language code to be-tarask. (bug report)
  • Gray interlanguage links to unnecessary language variants were appearing in the sidebar. This is now fixed. (bug report)
  • There is now a link from the ContentTranslation extension description on Special:Version directly to Special:ContentTranslation. (code change)

One thought on “March 3 CX Update: Personal Statistics, AbuseFilter Handling, Less Unnecessary HTML, and More

  1. Unfortunaely, weren’t the invisible alerts that were preventing me from publishing some of my translations.


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