February 14 CX Update: A New Way to Enable the Feature, Machine Translation for Persian, and Other Fixes

Only a small update this time, as we prepare to major changes in handling AbuseFilter and saving translations.

  • A user who hasn’t enabled the Content Translation beta feature will now be able to enable it directly from the Special:ContentTranslation page without having to go through the beta preferences. This should make it easier, for example, to send direct links to the special page directly to your friends without long instructions on how to enable the beta feature. (bug report)
  • The notifications from Content Translation that appear at the top of the screens were rephrased to conform to the recently refreshed notifications format. Thanks to Stephane Bisson from the Collaboration team for doing this update. (bug report)
  • Under some conditions, sub-pages in non-main namespaces couldn’t be loaded for translation. This is now fixed. (bug report)
  • Machine translation using Yandex was enabled for the Persian language. (bug report)

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