February 8 CX Update: Fixed Infinite Loops, More Machine Translation Support, and Improved Suggestions

First of all, congratulations to all Content Translation users: There are now 50,000 published articles! In the Wikimedia Blog you can read more on that, along with a round-up of Content Translation’s first year.

Because of some technical issues, scheduled deployments of new features were again delayed for a few weeks. On February 4th they were finally resumed, and here are the most important updates:

  • If a user started a translation, deleted it, and then started it again, the translation interface would go into an “infinite loop” of loading, and become unusable. This is now fixed. (bug report)
  • Featured articles are now shown as suggestions only if there are no other useful suggestions to show. (bug report)
  • The link from the dashboard to the tool that shows articles that don’t exist in your language is removed, on the premise that the integrated suggestions are more useful.
  • Machine translation using Yandex is now available for Albanian, Armenian, Bashkir, Polish and Uzbek.

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