January 15 CX Update: Personalized Suggestions, More Machine Translations, and Other Fixes

Happy new year, happy birthday Wikipedia, and happy birthday ContentTranslation, which was deployed to the first eight languages a year ago!

ContentTranslation updates are back after a delay, during which there were no usual scheduled software deployments because of year-end holidays, fundraising and absences.

The most important recently-released feature is Personalized Suggestions. The suggestions tab now shows automatically selected suggestions of articles to translate according to the user’s editing history. This feature was developed together with Leila Zia, Ellery Wulczyn and Robert West from the Wikimedia Foundation’s Research team, as well as Jure Leskovec, Robert’s advisor at CS faculty at Stanford.

Translation using the Apertium engine from Hindi to Urdu is now enabled by default. Translation using Yandex was enabled from English, Ukrainian and Belarusian into Russian. More languages may be added soon.

Failure to publish a translation because of AbuseFilter is now shown more clearly: the AbuseFilter message is displayed to the translator, so it will be much easier to fix it. We are researching other common publishing errors daily in order to get them fixed, too.

The colors of the alerts and the notifications at the top of the translation interface were updated, and now they are in shades of red for errors and shades of green for positive notifications.

Finally, a bug which was showing incorrect data for the last week of the year in the statistics chart was fixed.

The team is now working on improving the suggestions system further, monitoring and fixing errors at restoring and publishing translations, improving performance, and upgrading the translation storage in a way that will allow machine translation developers to improve their translation engines (the “Parallel Corpora” feature). Expect more details about this in future posts.


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