November 1 CX Update: Starred Suggestions and Translation Interface Bug Fixes

After a delay in the deployment of new features to Wikimedia sites for the last couple of weeks, this week we are back to normal deployment schedule, and we have several significant updates.

The major new feature is the ability to mark suggested articles as something that you want to translate later by “starring” them (task description), as well as discarding suggestions in which you are not interested. This update is another step for making sophisticated and personalized lists of article to translate, which are designed to help translators be more efficient in completing the coverage of encyclopedic topics in their languages. For more details about the state of the Translation Suggestions, see the recently published Wikimedia Blog post: Article suggestions—a new feature for Content Translation.

Other than that, these bug fixes were deployed:

  • Images without caption were not properly published, which was confusing, because it appeared in the translation view, but not in the article. This is now fixed. (bug report)
  • Adding a red link was not, by itself, triggering auto-saving. Now it does. (bug report)
  • Long words in the titles of the columns in the translation interface were shown only partially. Now they are wrapped so the whole title would be seen. (bug report)

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