October 23 CX Update: Machine Translation and Suggestions in More Languages, and Other Fixes

Last week there was no automatic software deployment to Wikipedia sites for technical reasons, so there are relatively few CX updates this time. The usual update schedule is supposed to resume next week.

The following fixes were deployed recently:

  • While a translation in progress was being loaded, the translation column was empty. This was confusing. Now a loading indicator is shown at the top. (bug report)
  • The automatic selection of languages in which suggestions are shown is improved. (bug report)
  • Suggestions are now enabled in the following languages:
    • from English to all languages
    • from German, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Finnish and Dutch to English
    • from Simple English to Gujarati and Hindi
    • from Swedish to Finnish
    • from Swedish and Norwegian Bokmål to Norwegian Nynorsk
  • New language pairs are added to Apertium machine translation:
    • Arabic to Maltese
    • Maltese to Arabic
    • Spanish to Italian
    • Italian to Spanish
    • Icelandic to Swedish
    • Swedish to Icelandic
    • Romanian to Spanish

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