October 8 CX Update: Suggestions in New Languages, Fixes in Interlanguage Links and RTL Images, and More

This week we were mostly working on new capabilities in the Suggestions feature, and we also fixed a few bugs:

  • When translating from a language written left-to-right to a language written right-to-left, images with explicit alignment were aligned incorrectly in the published article. This was fixed. (bug report)
  • Long names of languages could sometimes be badly displayed. This is improved now, even for smaller screens. (bug report)
  • The language and page selector was hidden when the window was resized. This is fixed now. (bug report)
  • The “interlanguage links” to pages that are not translated to these languages yet are supposed to appear in the gray color. This worked correctly in the Vector skin, but they appeared as red in Monobook and Modern skins. They now appear as gray in all three skins. (bug report)
  • We were still getting errors related to interlanguage links entry point updates, but they should be fixed now, such as appearance of irrelevant language variants (like Brazilian Portuguese) or broken gadgets. (bug report)
  • The second that you selected the language in the filter at the top of the dashboard, you had to click it twice. This was fixed. (bug report)

The suggestions feature was deployed to new languages: From English to Afrikaans, Asturian, Bengali, Galician, Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil and Ukrainian, from Catalan to Occitan, and from Bulgarian to Macedonian.


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