September 3 Update: Fixed Duplicated References, Issues With Norwegian, and Publishing Errors

Another month is starting, and we have several significant fixes in ContentTranslation deployed this week:

  • On Friday morning (UTC) articles could not be published from ContentTranslation because of an issue with the connection to the Parsoid server. This was fixed on Friday early afternoon. (bug report)
  • In a rare case, when a logged-in user published an article after having logged out in a different browser tab, the translated article was marked with an IP address. A fix for this was deployed on August 31: now, if a user becomes logged-out during the translation, he will be asked to log in again. Our thanks go out to Katie Filbert from the Wikidata development team, as well as to Antoine Musso and Željko Filipin from the release engineering team for their assistance with the deployment. (code change)
A Wikipedia footnote with the text Indi DB
The same reference footnote appearing multiple times, incorrectly. This is not supposed to happen any longer.
  • For the last couple of weeks it could happen that the same footnote with a template like {{cite web}} (or similar) would appear several times in the translated text, instead of the different footnotes that were supposed to appear. This happened in several languages, among them French, Afrikaans and Hebrew. A fix for this was deployed on September 2. (bug report)
A list of various footnotes at the bottom of a Wikipedia article, the first one being
Now the different references appear correctly.

In other news:

  • According to our logs, the number of publishing errors went sharply down thanks to several fixes that were made in the code of ContentTranslation, Parsoid and Flow in the recent weeks:
week ending 2015-08-09: 331 errors
week ending 2015-08-16: 779 errors
week ending 2015-08-23: 463 errors
week ending 2015-08-30: 93 errors
  • The 18,000th article was written: Monoculture, translated from English into Serbian.
  • About 1,200 articles were created using ContentTranslation in all languages each week in August. On the average, 63 articles created using ContentTranslation were deleted every week.

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