August 20 Update: Fixes for Stability, Publishing Errors and Reference Issues

This week’s ContentTranslation software update was a bit different, focusing on stability rather than features or front-end bug fixes:

  • A bug in the Flow extension caused publishing failures in ContentTranslation. Although the articles were subsequently published, the contenttranslation tag was missing from the revision history, the edit didn’t appear in RecentChanges, and confusing error messages were shown. This problem has now been resolved in collaboration with the Flow project developers.
  • Deletion of references from the source article while the translation was going was causing “503” errors. This has been fixed. (bug report)
  • The configuration of Apertium machine translation services has been updated so that they would be consistently stable and not fill up the memory, causing machine translation to stop working. (bug report)

The developers are completing the work on the first phase of the feature that will show article suggestions on the dashboard as well as different bugs in the support of the Norwegian language. Also, a few general fixes in the user interface are expected next week.


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