August 13 Update: Fixed Gallery Links, Title Alignment and Reference Templates

Here’s a summary of the changes in Content Translation software in Wikipedia today:

  • On August 12 there was an issue in the machine translation servers, and machine translation didn’t work. It is now fixed, and we are working with the Wikimedia Operations team on making these servers more consistently stable.
  • Links in galleries in the translation interface were opening the target page in the same browser tab and closing the translation interface, which was non-destructive, but uncomfortable. Now they open in a new tab. (bug report)
  • When the target article title was edited, it was not automatically aligned, and this caused the rest of the paragraphs to be misaligned as well. This is now fixed. (bug report)
  • Another bug in support of reference templates was fixed, an edge case of translating the references list first and the text later. (code change) A similar bug with images was fixed as well. (bug report)

The team continues to search for the reasons for the loss of translated paragraphs and for publishing errors. Please report any such errors if they still happen. It’s a very high-priority issue, but we need more examples for investigation.

On the new features front, the team is working on the first stage of the feature that displays suggestions of articles to translate in the dashboard.

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