August 6-7 Update: Fixed Data Loss Issues, Norwegian MT works again, Math Support, and More

Another week ends, another Content Translation software update!

Possibly the most important of this week’s updates fixes a painful issue which caused some users to lose translated paragraphs that they wrote before they got around to publishing them. We identified at least one issue that caused this: if the source article was significantly updated after the translation began and before it was published, some paragraphs would disappear. This is now fixed: Small updates in the source article will now be shown in the translation interface when you re-enter it, and big updates will be shown in new paragraphs while the paragraphs that you already wrote will be shown separately, so you’ll be able to publish what you wrote. There are, unfortunately, other issues that cause translated paragraphs to be lost; please report them, as it is a high priority for us to fix them.

Another frequently-requested feature that was implemented this week is support for formulas with the <math> tag. They are now copied as is. It’s a brand new feature, so please report any issues you find with <math> support.

Double footnote numbers appearing while translating the article Roscoff from English to Belarusian. This is not supposed to happen any more.

Other notable fixes:

  • Apertium-based machine translation from Norwegian Nynorsk to Bokmål now works again. (bug report)
  • Article and language selector used to be shown on the translation dashboard every time a user entered it. This confused many users and required unnecessary clicks to close the selector. Now the selector is shown only when it’s really needed. (bug report)
  • For many articles, footnote numbers used to appear twice in the translation interface. They now appear just once, as they should. (bug report)
  • Machine translation engine selection and disabling used to apply only to the next paragraph. Now it also applies to the current paragraph. (bug report)
  • The tool that shows articles missing in your language used to show links to Wikidata. Now it shows direct links to Wikipedia. (code change)
  • Some articles had unnecessary <span> tags with “background-color” when they were published. Also, tables had unnecessary data-cx attributes appearing in the generated wiki syntax. Now they are automatically removed. (bug report)
  • We observed at Wikimania that “Clear paragraph” and “Use source text” buttons in the sidebar actions confused some people and lead to losing content that they wrote. Now they indicate more clearly on which content will the action be performed, to reduce the users’ surprise. There will be more improvements in this area. (bug report)
  • A gadget in the Arabic Wikipedia caused headings and paragraphs to appear too high. We fixed an issue in the Content Translation code that caused this, so now headings and paragraphs should have reasonable height. Please report a bug if you see this happening again. (bug report)
  • A bug that caused references to be adapted incorrectly and display errors in red was fixed. (bug report)

The above bugs were the among the highest priority bugs user-reported bugs. In the next weeks the team will focus on developing the feature for displaying suggested articles to translate, and will continue fixing high-priority data loss issues.


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