July 30 Update: Galician Works Again, RTL Tweaks, Cleaner Wiki Syntax, and Other Fixes

Here is a summary of highlights in the update of the ContentTranslation software, which was deployed on July 30 2015:

  • Apertium-based machine translation from Spanish to Portuguese is now working again. (bug report)
  • When translating between languages that are written in different directions (e.g. from English to Arabic), it’s possible to type in paragraphs that are lists. (bug report)
  • In right-to-left wikis the language selector now opens in the correct direction. It used to open to the right, which caused some people not to be able to select a language at all, and now it opens to the left. (bug report)
  • Correct localized File: namespace name is now inserted when translating galleries. (bug report)
  • Categories with the ‘:’ character in their names, such as “Category: Magic: The Gathering”, are now shown correctly. (bug report)
  • The color of red links is now correctly changed to blue if the target is updated to an existing page. (bug report)
  • The ContentTranslation tag in the description now links to the Content Translation project description page. You can customize this link by editing the message cx-descriptionpagelinl on your wiki. (bug report)

Work is continuing on fixing issues that cause translators to lose paragraphs that they already started. (bug report)


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